Jiri Prochazka at Dominick -UFC Fight Night Predictions

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Las Vegas
02 May 21

Jiri Prochazka



Dominick Reyes

  • Title : Jiri Prochazka at Dominick -UFC Fight Night Predictions
Date: 02 May 2021  |   Stake: $100  |   Odds: 1.80  |  
Author: Angry Panda  |   Category: US Sports  |   Value: 8/10


Despite these losses, Reyes could have fared better than the last time he was in the cage, it was an impressive showing that he managed to take a couple of beatings. It has been his fifth victory and his previous losses have been of early finishes. Getting back on track after an early KO defeat would be tough for Reyes. It might be that Reyes is unbeatable here, but don't forget that he just has a nine-fight career KOs, and a few of those came by knockout. Our prediction is for the winner of the upcoming UFC Fight Night matches is Jiri Procház.


As a 6-foot-foot-4 and 205-pound behemoth (figuratively: the end of the Earth), Reyes arrives at 6'4"/200 Lbs. It is widely agreed that Reyes would increase his long-term upside to the most because he can add a further 20% to his long-term projection. The guy is going in with a 12-2 record to battle Reyes, which is really good

His style is somewhat unorthodox for a southpaw, he's coming in as a heavier as well. Reyes' previous fights have been characterized as an attempt to physically overpower his opponents rather than to outfight them. When you look at his last 5 matches, there have been 3 fights where he went 2-2, and one in which he suffered a knockout defeat. This time the losses have been received as a result of a unanimous decision and via knockout. These wins have been granted with a split decision and by default, but also a Knockout/TKO.

Jiri comes in at a height of 6 feet 3 inches and a weight of 205 pounds. So far that the apex of the latitude can be used as the Prochka could potentially serve 80 inches Jiri's record in his entire career is 27 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw (won 27 games with 3 losses and 1 draws).

Jiri is entering in as a full-blown supporter of the RightStance position Striking isn't his only approach when fighting; he's expected to use his fists in the process. In his last five fights, Jiri was victorious in every single one. It's rather impressive that 5 of all of the fights have ended in a knockout or a technical knockout.

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Prediction Jiri Prochazka to win, dont miss Bonus bet in text
Odds 1.80
Start Time 04:40 : 02-May-21