Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets, NBA

Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets, NBA Banner Image
  • Title : Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets, NBA
Date: 05 Aug 2020  |   Stake: 7/10  |   Odds: 1-90  |  
Author: Danny Roads  |   Category: VIP lounge  |   Value: /10


The Nets cant stop the Bucks. Its simple to me. The Bucks are going to get whatever they want offensively and put up some major points. On the contrary, the Nets have a solid offense. Thay wont be able to stick with the Bucks but they"ll make enough shots to keep the score resonable.


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The Bucks know the time to win and they do it against Nets

In what feels like an inevitable first round matchup preview, the Brooklyn Nets take on the Milwaukee Bucks. The Nets currently sit in the eight spot in the Eastern Conference, a half-game behind Orlando, but with a tough schedule and little talent on this roster, I’m going to assume they’re locked into eight. On the contrary, the Bucks, even with their loss to Houston Sunday night, still have a six game lead for the top seed in the east. Ladies and gentleman, get ready for the playoff rematch in a couple weeks.

The Nets are doing their best to just get through this season, and have their sights on 2021 with the expected return of Kyrie and KD. In their ideal world, they would be competing with the Bucks for the top of the Eastern Conference. They have a good supporting cast, but they need to ensure their stars stay healthy. The Bucks feel they can win now, and this may be their best chance to breeze through the East before Durant is back and healthy.

My prediction: Brooklyn Nets  + 17.5 points


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