Prediction: Los Angeles Clippers - L. A. Lakers NBA

  • Title : Prediction: Los Angeles Clippers - L. A. Lakers NBA
Date: 08 Mar 2020  |   Stake: 6/10  |   Odds: 1.77  |  
Author: Danny Roads  |   Category: VIP lounge  |   Value: /10


You would be a little disappointed if there is not a playoff series between these two teams later this summer. First and second in the west right now. So they can not meet in the NBA final, but in the final in the west they can meet and winning teams can then coldly count on taking on the Bucks in the final. The Lakers are clearly better so far this season. 48-13 compared to the Clippers 43-19 but it was honestly completely expected. The Clippers came into the season with Leonard in worse than 100 percent form and George did not play at all in the beginning. They have since also rested their stars diligently, which guaranteed to cost them some victories.


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I think it will be the Clippers who make it to the final from the west, and I also think they will win tonight. The only reason is that I'd rather take their superstars when it comes to. Leonard is a documented super winner in big matches and he will bring George on the train. James of course, the greatest basketball player of all time, he can too, and Davis, he has not had the chance to win yet so you should not see him in big games but I do not have the same confidence that they rise as the Clippers stars do. I also think the Clippers have a slightly better team around the stars compared to what the Lakers have.

A big factor tonight is also that Davis may not play. He has an elbow injury and a maximum of 50/50 that he plays I would say. If he does not, the Clippers are super favorites. If he plays, I keep them as clear favorites anyway. Missing also makes possibly reasonably important role player Caruso who has a small stretch.

Clippers are completely damage-free.

The home ground advantage then?

Really no benefit to the Clippers. The Lakers are the team people in general are in Los Angeles but it is still an advantage for the Clippers that they have a home ground on paper and a lot of the audience is thus their season card holder, so it will probably be at least pretty even in the stands tonight compared with 95-5 if the Lakers had a home game.

Prediction: Clippers

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