Local derby in New York , who will win it??

Local derby in New York , who will win it?? Banner Image
  • Title : Local derby in New York , who will win it??
Date: 06 Apr 2021  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.85  |  
Author: Danny Roads  |   Category: VIP lounge  |   Value: 7/10


With the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks, the derby rises in the Big Apple.


Nets Listing Image


The home side apparently still haven't spent enough money and recently signed another strong player in LaMarcus Aldridge. Headcoach Steve Nash's roster is now without a doubt the strongest on paper in the NBA.

Of course, it is not yet possible to say whether it will be enough for the title in the end. The signs of this are unmistakable: The championship lead in the Eastern Conference has already been taken together with Philadelphia and a win rate of almost 68 percent is of course very impressive.

For the upcoming game in the Barclays Center between the Nets and Knicks, however, the tip includes that the favorite wins with a maximum of six points difference.


Prediction New York Knicks +6.5
Odds 1.85
Start Time 01:00 : 06-Apr-21
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