NBA: SNOWBALL #2# -$595 -$892

  • Title : NBA: SNOWBALL #2# -$595 -$892
Date: 06 Feb 2021  |   Stake: $595  |   Odds: 1.50  |  
Author: Danny Roads  |   Category: VIP lounge  |   Value: 9/10


Kings are playing their best basketball as they have won five of their last six games and have at last begun playing guard. De'Aaron Fox is playing at an All-Star level, and the Kings have shooters on the wing with Buddy Hield, Tyrese Haliburton, and Glenn Robinson III. While Jokic may be playing the best b-ball of anybody in the NBA, anticipate that the Kings should play the Nuggets extreme as they will cover if not win altogether once more.


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Prediction Line - Including Overtime: Sacramento Kings +7.5
Odds 1.50
Start Time 23:10 : 06-Feb-21
Bookmakers 20BET

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