New York Knicks vs. Atlanta Hawks game 5 tip, prognosis & odds - NBA playoffs

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03 June 21

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  • Title : New York Knicks vs. Atlanta Hawks game 5 tip, prognosis & odds - NBA playoffs
Date: 03 Jun 2021  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 2.10  |  
Author: Danny Roads  |   Category: US Sports  |   Value: 9/10


The New York Knicks are still missing something, but it's not much. Either another scorer, a backup plan for the offense or a center that can also score points.


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However, in today's NBA it is difficult to win a playoff round only with defense.

It is worth all honors what they deliver game after game at the back of the field, but themselves they only average 99 points. That would have been a champions figure in the 80s or 90s, but in the new NBA you only win occasional games with it.

The Hawks, on the other hand, can do both offense and defense, which they are now proving impressively in the post season. They were a top 15 offense team in the regular season and are now a top 3 defense team in the playoffs.

This strength on both sides of the court makes them again as favorites for game 5. For Knicks vs. Hawks, our forecast is the decisive success of Atlantas, which will move into the next round. There should be another low scoring game.

The first jump ball of game 5 of the series is on Thursday night at 1:30 am in Madison Square Garden, New York.

Direct comparison / H2H balance

The series is now 3: 1 and Game 4 has shown that the way for the Knicks will be very long. The question will also be how fit the many young players are in their heads in their first playoff season.

Randle, Barrett and Co. had to deal with all the media hype, the successes and the many minutes of playing time. We expect them to be a tad more mentally tired than the Hawks, who have more seasoned veterans on the team (Gallinari, Williams, Bogdanovic).

So Atlanta is slightly ahead for us in game 5, which makes the odds on them a no-brainer with Knicks against Hawks. If we even combine them with the mandatory sub-items, then we get a value that can be seen.

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