Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks game 5 tip - NBA finals

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NBA Finals
18 July 21

Phoenix Suns



Milwaukee Bucks

  • Title : Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks game 5 tip - NBA finals
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These are the NBA finals and every team will go now all in. Let's wish you good luck with our last NBA predictions for this year.


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"Giannis is on a mission" claimed the famous NBA analyst Adrian Wojnarowski after the fourth game in the series. And if we look back at the last two games, he seems to be right.

41 points in Game 3 and that monstrous block against Ayton in the final seconds of Game 4 prove that there isn't much left of his knee injury. He's the old man again, which is hugely important not only for the Bucks, but also for the tension in this series.

The fact that the Bucks are still not considered favorites for the title is solely due to the fact that the Suns are not far from their top form either. In addition to Chris Paul, who shone in the first two games, it was especially Devin Booker in Game 4 with 42 points.

The fact that this performance went under was due to the aforementioned block from Giannis and the fact that Phoenix still lost in the end. At home, however, they have been a force to date, which is why our prediction for Suns vs. Bucks for Game 5 is another home win for the men from Arizona.

Tip-off of the ominous Game 5 of the NBA Finals 2021 is on Sunday night at 3:00 a.m., this time again in Phoenix, Arizona. Like all NBA Finals games, the game can be followed live on DAZN.

Phoenix Suns - Statistics & Current Form

Home game is the trump card. This is the motto of the NBA Finals 2021 so far and when it comes down to it, the Phoenix Suns have the title as good as in their pockets. Unfortunately, from their point of view, statistics in this case are just statistics.

Still, despite the two defeats in Milwaukee, they still hold the reins. A home win at the weekend and you already have 82% of the trophy in your hand. That is the percentage by which the team wins a series that wins the fifth game if the score is 2: 2.

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