Prediction: Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea, Champions Leauge

  • Title : Prediction: Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea, Champions Leauge
Date: 23 Feb 2021  |   Stake: 7/10  |   Odds: 1.85  |  
Author: Emilio  |   Category: Football  |   Value: 7/10


Since Thomas Tuchel Came to the blues, Chelsea didn't win any of their matches with mroe than 2 goals scored and half of them they scored only 1 goal, against A tough team like Atletico Madrid the blues will suffer, Suarez is shining this season In attack for Atletico madrid while Timo werner isn't that good at all and yet Tuchel keeps choosing him to start, both sides play with Almost same Tactic with 3 back defenders but atletico play it in a better way and got the players for it , Atletico Madrid's Midfield players are much better and expect them to dominate The midfield and that will surely be the key for the Roje Blancos to grab A win here


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Atletico Madrid are the best side among the two to win this match, they have been in a top form who season, the guests are now picking form and things are not all that good, the hosts are lions in their den its hard to conquer them there, I will go big on this. Madrid are in ripe form whereas Chelsea are dropping like a stone through water. 


The match is played in Romania, ie no home advantage for Atletico Madrid more than being seen as the home team, only. This has to do with covid restrictions if I am not completely out cycling. Atletico Against Chelsea as I said and I bet on a very even match actually.

Atletico may have the stronger season behind them, but the Spaniards have now dipped a bit towards the end and given local rival Real Madrid a real hope of a turnaround. Now there is not as much difference between the teams, and this weekend Atletico also fell against Levante at home and they lost points against Levante twice within three days. Chelsea have gotten a little better under Thomas Tuchel.

I can only see this game ending in a draw , chelsea not conceding too much and not really creating chances , athletico just got their good runstopped by levante so a 0-0 is looming here , otherwise I can see chelsea snatching one goal , but the draw is still looking more probable to me

Then whether it depends on the coach himself or just that you have a new coach is a bit unclear. Many teams tend to rise directly at a change of coach, namely, to slowly fall back. There is probably a lot to work with in Chelsea. The offensive does not feel great, few players actually impress. Mason Mount is basically the only one I would say. The defense is better and it is probably also partly due to Chelsea holding a lot of ball, dominating their matches in ball possession, which gives the opponents a little to work with. I believe in few goals.

There is no further value in the sub-games, around 1.50 times the money of less than 2.5 goals and there is absolutely no value in it. Instead, test no goal before 34:00 that pays 1.83, and I think that fits perfectly in this match. Feels like a defensive focused match. Atletico have many such matches, even Chelsea have shown that they do not drop much behind under Tuchel.

The last time the two sides met they drew since they both play defensively i see another draw before 34 min.


Prediction No goals before 34min
Odds 1.85
Start Time 21:00 : 23-Feb-21
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