Prediction: Inter - Juventus, Coppa Italia

  • Title : Prediction: Inter - Juventus, Coppa Italia
Date: 02 Feb 2021  |   Stake: 8/10  |   Odds: 1.95  |  
Author: Emilio  |   Category: Football  |   Value: 8/10


Inter and Juventus go up against each other for the second time in a very short time, we all remember Inter's secure 2-0 victory about two weeks ago and even then, right at the San Siro - but in Serie A. May we see a similar result on Tuesday or does Juve manage to take revenge?


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Heavyweight meeting in Coppa Italia on Tuesday night - Inter and Juventus settle for a place in the final.

It can of course be argued that Inter have the psychological advantage in Tuesday's meeting, it is even so that we are in this because what actually took place at the San Siro on January 17, was a clear demonstration of power. At least during those 90 minutes, here and there. Then if Juve finally makes sure to win Serie A, well then it's probably just that Inter failed once again, but just during those 90 minutes it was all very clear - Inter looked like the old Juve, and Juve looked like the old Inter.

And since Inter are actually in a good period, we think they are closer to victory in this meeting, we think they have the clearly better team but also the width is impressive and in turn powerful. They easily defeated Benevento 4-0 the other day, before that they knocked AC Milan out of Coppa Italia, and just before that they had that effort against Juve.

"As long as Ronaldo does not stand for a wow bet, I am convinced Inter win this."

These three results are a clear proof that Inter are going for it - on all fronts now that they are out of the Champions League. Therefore, we are convinced that you take Tuesday's task as seriously as possible and if you have a good match, you win. Just like last time. Long-awaited title ..

If we take a closer look at previous champions in Coppa Italia, it is therefore necessary that we go back to 2011 to find Inter's latest title here in the cup. Since then, Juve have won this title on four different occasions, most recently in 2018. Now, of course, we should not base our entire betting tip on one team having a greater will and desire for a title, than the other team has, for Ronaldo plays as usual in Juve, and all players want to win titles.

"Inter Milan are undefeated in 15 of their last 16 matches"

Especially when there is only one match left until the final. But we still think it is relevant to lift, Inter are well aware that the season 20/21 is their big chance, their big chance to pick a double and push to Juve properly. And that particular spark we think will be decisive for the outcome here, we got to witness the spark already two weeks ago and therefore I think Inter are capable of picking this one up again. This is despite the fact that Lukaku is not included here due to his suspension.


Prediction Inter To qualify to the next round
Odds 1.95
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