Predictions FA Cup: Chelsea - Manchester City

  • Title : Predictions FA Cup: Chelsea - Manchester City
Date: 17 Apr 2021  |   Stake: 800  |   Odds: 1.82  |  
Author: Emilio  |   Category: Football  |   Value: 8/10


City is in excellent form, with 28 victories in the last 30 matches. Already qualified for the League Cup final, the Champions League semi-finals, and ranked first in the Premier League, Guardiola seems determined to win everything he can win this season. Apart from Aguero, the whole group of 'citizens' is available for this game, which will allow the Spanish coach to make a very competitive first 11, but at the same time made up of rested players. Although Chelsea also qualified for the UCL semifinals, we do not see it strong enough at the moment to stop City, which is why we are going on a solo victory of the guests since the regular time. 2-0?


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Semifinals of the FA Cup between Chelsea and Manchester City.

FA Cup semi where the winner meets the winner between Leicester and Southampton which is played on Sunday. Chelsea moved on from the quarter via 2-0 against Sheffield U while City beat Everton 2-0 away. Chelsea come from promotion, with difficulty, against Porto in the Champions League. Victory 2-0 away against the Portuguese, 4-1 away against Crystal Palace and cod with 0-1 against Porto in the return.

Really nice news for Chelsea, of course, before this match where they miss Kovacic and Christensen. Man City, in turn, were a bit icy out against Dortmund. Beat Dortmund 2-1 at home, fell to Leeds at home against the same numbers and lost to Dortmund in Germany, but sorted it out. Victory 2-1 and a total of 4-2 in matches. City went on and it was a clear relief for Pep Guardiola who embraced Foden who made the decision.

City have more or less won the league while Chelsea are currently out of CL place. This means - consciously or unconsciously - that City are the team that can blow fully, Chelsea can not do that in exactly the same way. Cunning and motivated Brighton are waiting just three days later.

Manchester City are also very strong backwards since they shifted a bit in the back line. Dropped in a few goals recently after many held zeros on the rake, but still an incredibly strong back line with Dias and Stones as midfield pair. Also advanced to the Champions League where PSG are waiting in the semis.

Then this is the semi-final and you may be extra careful. No one wants to let in an early goal because then it can immediately be very difficult to get past the opponent's back line. We have seen many 1-0 wins from Chelsea with Tuchel and the same with City in fact, who still have a lot of ball possession but at the same time focus on defensive much more than before.

I believe in an even match and play under 2.5 goals


Prediction Under 2,5 goals
Odds 1.82
Start Time 18:30 : 17-Apr-21
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