Heroic vs Endpoint ( Flashpoint 2 )

  • Title : Heroic vs Endpoint ( Flashpoint 2 )
Date: 26 Nov 2020  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.64  |  
Author: eTipster  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 10/10


Heroic is the heavy favorite on this one we cant just put down the odds on spread for this match . This is such a Prestige tournament the highest as the moment in terms of prizepool and coverage so all of this Tier1 teams in csgo right now are eyeing to this . One of this Top teams that is a strong contender to take the trophy is Heroic so im expecting them to demolish Endpoint in this encounter .4 Hours match will begin


Endpoint is a great team at the moment, they are winning games lately and been in couple of championship even it is lower tier tournament .But I think their main focus is on winning the ESEA MDL Season 35 Europe, where they already reached the Grand final. That game is also Today, and I believe they will be both emotionally and physically drained after it, so I am giving a big advantage to the favorites in this one. The head to head record is completely on Heroic’s side with this said all of this encounters was just a months ago so it fresh scars that even Endpoint will put a fight tonight I think Heroic will still beat them in a 2-0 passion , because by far the skill difference and the quality heavily favors Team Heroic 

My Prediction Heroic will win in a -1.5 map disadvantage