Mudgolems vs Just Error BO3 (EPIC League Division 1)

  • Title : Mudgolems vs Just Error BO3 (EPIC League Division 1)
Date: 12 Nov 2020  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.75  |  
Author: eTipster  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: /10


Just Error is a stack of superstar players in their respective roles . The heavy talent of SUMAIL, RAMZES, NOONE, ZAYAC and the veteran Solo are the guys to complete this squad . This players are highly respective in Dota world, they've proven to be the best in their roles and Dota in general . Football has Messi and so as Basketball got Jordan in Dota Esport we got Sumail the youngest to win the International and praised by his co pro competitors that he is the most mechanically skilled player that played the game .


Just Error Debut in their roster was recently proven in the final closed qualifiers to this tournament . They fought Yellow Submarines and won in a very convincing passion 3-1, that takes them to this place to compete in this Division that has 500 000$ prizepool . Best teams all over the world was in this Division it will be exciting to watch this big names competing for the title . Mudgolems finish 3rd in Recent ELS was very unexpected for the squad. They taken down one of the biggest stronghold in Esport franchise Team Secret and broke the expectation of people that doubt them to get that far . Just Error in their debut was monstrous they are surgical in every plays they made throughout the map. Broken the IO Slardar Duo and somehow tweaking strategies that is picking Doom as their position 4 . Sumail doing his thing outplaying the opposite mid and the calls of Solo shown that the team has every possession to take down any heavy team in the Dota. I think that Just Error domination will continue and even the team was just being created, the amount of synergy they shown is byfar why people in the roster known to be the best in the world. I will go for Just Error in this series because they have cool strategies to execute that seems the squad know that much how to play around it .