Nigma vs Mudgolems ( Els One Germany )

  • Title : Nigma vs Mudgolems ( Els One Germany )
Date: 13 Oct 2020  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.50  |  
Author: eTipster  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: /10


Im waiting for the announcement in this match because round 1 of the groupstage Nigma Position 4 player Gh isn't 100 percent conditioned resulted him to not played in game 1 againts submarines . This match up they are back on their lineup but still Kuro in the sideline their coach Rmn will take over his role.


Im going to all in my bet yesterday for this match .Nigma is a tier one team all players in this game agree to that while Mudgolems are ways so off in terms of skills and experienced playing together . Im about take the Win 2 -0 to Nigma and the match winner itself . Mudgolems also this days are so bad maybe losing the confidence after Vikin.Gg sweep them recently . If you plan to bet safely just go for the Match series winner this is best of three I dont see Nigma losing 0-2 to Mudgolems squads. 

My Prediction - Nigma Match Winner 

Also Predicting - Nigma Will Win 2-0 or a map disadvantage for Nigma in the series