Prediction: Fujian SBS Sturgeons - Sichuan Whale, CBA

  • Title : Prediction: Fujian SBS Sturgeons - Sichuan Whale, CBA
Date: 20 Oct 2020  |   Stake: 100 £   |   Odds: 1.83  |  
Author: euro men  |   Category: VIP lounge  |   Value: /10


Fujian Sturgeons began the 2020-21 season with a 99-92 misfortune versus Shangxi Zhongyu. The rivals were better the entire game, so they merited a triumph. Fujian Sturgeons keep going season completed twelfth on the table with 24 successes and 22 misfortunes. In the 1/8 last of the season finisher, they won 132-119 versus Zhejiang Guangsha. From that point forward, Fujian Sturgeons lost 107-75 in the quarterfinal against Beijing.


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Sichuan Blue Whales are not a good team, so I expect an easy win for Fujian Sturgeons

Fujian Sturgeons changed a great deal of players during the past summer. The group left experienced Pooh Jeter, who had 25 focuses per game in the Chinese ball association last season. His substitution ought to be Trae Golden (23 focuses per game for Bahcesehir in the Turkish alliance last season). Fujian Sturgeons additionally marked Andrew Nicholson, who had 26 focuses per game for the Guangzhou Loong Lions in the past season. Sichuan Blue Whales opened the new season with a 93-83 loss vs Shenzhen Aviators. I don't expect a lot from this team in the 2020-21 season.

Last season, they completed seventeenth on the table with 11 successes and 35 misfortunes. It is imperative to specify that the two Americans (Courtney Fortson and Thomas Robinson left the club). The new Sichuan Blue Whales player is Hamed Haddadi, who last season had 14 focuses and 14 bounce back per game for Nanjing Tongxi Monkey King.

Fujian Sturgeons generally have a ton of progress against Sichuan Blue Whales. They won the last six straight on games against this rival. Last season Fujian won 110-99 and 105-84.

My prediction: Fujian SBS Sturgeons -4 Line - Including Overtime


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