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  • Title : [CSGO] TIGER vs TyLoo
Date: 14 Jan 2021  |   Stake: $100  |   Odds: 2  |  
Author: Greg  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 8/10


The grand finals of the event where the winner will take home ¥ 100,000 and the 2nd placers will take ¥ 50,000.


TIGER vs. TyLoo
Funspark Rivals Pre-season, Playoff, Final
Best of 3



Tyloo Lineup:
Kelun "Slowly" Sun
HaoWen "somebody" Xu
Zhenghao "DANK1NG" Lv
Yulun "Summer" Cai
YuanZhang "Attacker" Sheng

TIGER Lineup:
Sodbileg "cool4st" Batbaatar
Batbayar "kabal" Bat-Enkh
Yesuntumur "nin9" Gantulga
Boldbaatar "rate" Tengis
Gan-Erdene "dobu" Batbold

It's quite expected that these teams will reach the grand finals. TyLoo is performing at it's best as always. The same goes with TIGER. Both teams lost a map during this event, and TyLoo lost to D13 while TIGER lost to Lynn Vision Gaming.

Both have great aim and skills, but there could only be one winner, an upset is highly possible, and I would like to back on TIGER today because of their overall performance and giving them the benefit of the doubt that they can be stronger than where they were last year.

Definitely worth watching if you have the time to check it out please do, expect a very close match where the victory will go to the TIGER.

TIGER to win (Medium Bet)

Prediction TIGER to win (Medium Bet)
Odds 2
Start Time 09:00 : 14-Jan-21