[DOTA] CDEC vs Xtreme Gaming

  • Title : [DOTA] CDEC vs Xtreme Gaming
Date: 19 Jan 2021  |   Stake: $100  |   Odds: 1.3  |  
Author: Greg  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 10/10


This is the Regional League of China Region composed of 8 teams who will play a single round-robin, the top two teams are qualified to the Upper Division of Season 2.


CDEC vs Xtreme Gaming
DPC 2021 S1: CN, Lower Division, Table
Best of 3


CDEC Lineup:
1 - Hu Xin (胡鑫)
2 - Xu "Blood" Ziliang
3 - Xiang "Beyond" Zhenghong
4 - Zhao "Yds." Jiayi
5 - Chen "起风了" Guanhong

Xtreme Gaming Lineup:
1 - Just
2 - Storm
3 - AYuNiD
4 - Karkur
5 - 桃

This will be an easy match for CDEC Gaming, their recent shuffle is what caused them to play in the Open Qualifiers. This is a strong team and we could expect them to easily beat Xtreme Gaming today.

Xtreme Gaming is alright, they manage to secure their spot in the Open Qualifier but had a long road. Sadly they only face against low-tier teams and CDEC is not one of those low tiers. They have the facility to train and gain more experience. Safe to assume that CDEC Gaming will dominate the entire game.

CDEC to win (BIG Bet)

Prediction CDEC to win (BIG Bet)
Odds 1.3
Start Time 02:00 : 19-Jan-21