[DOTA2] Aster vs RNG

  • Title : [DOTA2] Aster vs RNG
Date: 26 Apr 2021  |   Stake: $50  |   Odds: 1.54  |  
Author: Greg  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 8/10


[DOTA2] Aster vs RNG | BO3 | i-League 2021, Group Stage, Table


Aster vs RNG
i-League 2021, Group Stage, Table
Best of 3

Team Aster Lineup:
1 - Du "Monet" Peng
2 - Liu "DD斩首" Yuhao
3 - Lin "Xxs" Jing
4 - Ye "Borax" Zhibiao
5 - Zhang "LaNm" Zhicheng

Royal Never Give Up Lineup:
1 - Zhong "lei" Liushuai
2 - Deng "Dstones" Lei
3 - Su "Flyby" Lei
4 - Xie "Super" Junhao
5 - Chong Wei "FelixCiaoBa" Lun

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Team Aster had a bad playoff run in the Singapore Major, one of the reasons is that they are playing with a stand-in which is really hard especially when facing super strong teams in different regions. We already saw their potential as a team in the Chinese Region Upper Division when they are on top with Invictus Gaming who won the Singapore Majors. Now that they are back with the complete roster, they beat EHOME which everyone thinks would be a close game.

Meanwhile, RNG is definitely a great team, although their lineup is not as strong as they used to be but definitely gaining strength and skills as they progress forward.

This should be an easy game for Aster if they can perform the same level they did yesterday against EHOME.

Aster to win (Medium Bet)

Prediction Aster to win (Medium Bet)
Odds 1.54
Start Time 11:00 : 26-Apr-21