[DOTA2] Incubus Gaming vs Infinity Esports

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  • Title : [DOTA2] Incubus Gaming vs Infinity Esports
Date: 10 Jan 2021  |   Stake: $30  |   Odds: 2.15  |  
Author: Greg  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 5/10


We expect both teams to win their matches yesterday, sadly here we are today both teams at the lower bracket.


Incubus Gaming vs Infinity Esports
OGA DPC SA S1, Playoff, Lower Bracket, Round 1
Best of 3



Incubus Gaming Lineup:
1 - EstroYER
2 - nengo flow maz na
3 - Disappear
4 - Flapjack
5 - eksdi

Infinity EsportsLineup:
1 - Danilo "Arms" Silva
2 - Jeanpierre "PiPi" Valente
3 - Mario "LittleBoy" Romero
4 - Cristian "Pamplona" Fernández
5 - Eddy "SexyeYogye" Orozco

Both teams lost their great opportunity yesterday, I was so certain that they are really capable of beating their opponent yesterday.

I personally think that Infinity Esports can win this match but Incubus Gaming isn't that bad at all. If we are to base on the statistics, they manage to win a map against Latam Defenders, Infinity lost 2-0 to EgoBoys, and EgoBoys were stomped by Latam Defenders on Game 2 but manage to win 2-1.

If made simpler then below could be a decent representation:
EgoBoys > Latam Defenders > Incubus Gaming > Infinity Esports

The good thing about this is that Infinity Esports are the favorites on this match because they've beaten Incubus Gaming during the Round Robin.

Still, I would like to go with my guts and it says Incubus Gaming.

Incubus Gaming (Small Bet)


Prediction Incubus Gaming (Small Bet)
Odds 2.15
Start Time 04:00 : 10-Jan-21