[DOTA2] LBZS vs Execration

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Moon Studio Asian Showdown, Group Stage, Table
12 May 21





  • Title : [DOTA2] LBZS vs Execration
Date: 12 May 2021  |   Stake: $100  |   Odds: 1.68  |  
Author: Greg  |   Category: VIP lounge  |   Value: 9/10


Good odds, with low chance of losing. Good luck!


LBZS vs Execration
Moon Studio Asian Showdown, Group Stage, Table
Best of 3

LBZS Lineup:
1 - Yang "Ms" Yongjie
2 - Liu "EX" Shaojun
3 - Zhuang "xiaofu" Yongfu
4 - Tang "CatYou" Xiaolei
5 - Huang "阿香" Hongzhan

Execration Line up:
1 - Jinn Marrey "Palos" Lamatao
2 - Yuri Dave "Yowe" Pacana
3 - Fernando "Nando" Mendoza
4 - Don Carlo "BDz" Manalo
5 - Ralph Richard "RR" Peñano

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Execration is hot right now, yeah they still lose to some teams but it's really great that they were upsetting some Tier 1 teams in SEA. They become another team that's worth watching and supporting.

LBZS on the other hand is a great Chinese team and consider a decent Tier 2 team. The problem with the team is that if they are playing against a non-Chinese Team is that they are struggling. It seems they cannot understand how to react or counter the plays and which causing them to lose even to Veteran, a Mongolian team who is definitely the underdog when they fought.

So clearly this is a great game for Execration, they have a great advantage since they beat LBZS last April with a clean 2-0 and it might happen again.

Execration to win (Big Bet)

Prediction Execration to win (Big Bet)
Odds 1.68
Start Time 03:00 : 12-May-21