[DOTA2] Neon Esports vs T1

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  • Title : [DOTA2] Neon Esports vs T1
Date: 25 Feb 2021  |   Stake: $100  |   Odds: 1.52  |  
Author: Greg  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 8/10


This is the Upper Division of the Regional League for SEA Region, there will be 8 teams who will play a single round-robin and the first-place team will be qualified for the Major Playoffs. Teams will do their best since a single match will cost them points which could give them a better spot in the long run.


Neon Esports vs T1
DPC 2021 S1: SEA, Upper Division, Table
Best of 3


T1 Lineup:
1 - Souliya "JaCkky" Khoomphetsavong
2 - Karl Jayme
3 - Carlo "Kuku" Palad
4 - Kenny "Xepher" Deo
5 - Matthew "Whitemon" Filemon

Neon Esports Lineup:
1 - John Anthony "Natsumi-" Vargas
2 - Erin Jasper "Yopaj" Ferrer
3 - Prieme Ejay "PlayHard" Maque
4 - Andrei 'skem" Ong
5 - Jaunuel "Jaunuel" Arcilla

Another complicated match where both teams badly need the win. If Neon wins then they will secure the second spot and is qualified to the Major Group Stage. If T1 wins then there will be a tiebreaker on who will be 2nd and 3rd, also if T1 loses there will be a triple tiebreaker against T1, BOOM Esports, and TnC determining who will be on the third spot which is qualified to the Major Wild Card.

This will be a very tense match and we could expect both teams to do their best. We could expect another over 2.5 games on this series since it's hard to determine who will win this match. But I believe the safer bet will be T1 +1.5 since Neon's been dropping a lot of games recently from the other team.

T1 +1.5 (Medium Bet)
OVER 2.5 (Small Bet)

Prediction T1 +1.5 (Medium Bet)
Odds 1.52
Start Time 11:00 : 25-Feb-21