[DOTA2] PuckChamp vs Unique

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  • Title : [DOTA2] PuckChamp vs Unique
Date: 18 Mar 2021  |   Stake: $50  |   Odds: 1.93  |  
Author: Greg  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 8/10


The winner of this match will advance to the semi-finals of the event and will play against Virtus.pro Prodigy/Prosti in the semi-final round. Meanwhile, the loser will be dropped to the lower bracket where they have to secure more wins before reaching the finals.


PuckChamp vs Unique
EPIC League S3, Division 2, Upper Bracket, Round 2
Best of 3

Unique Lineup:
1 - Nikita "Palantimos" Grinkevich
2 - Yaroslav "Pikachu" Vasilenko
3 - Andrey "Ghostik" Kadyk
4 - Danil "Bignum" Shehovtsov
5 - Semion "CemaTheSlayer" Krivulya

PuckChamp Lineup:
1 - Alexandr "krylat" Krylatov
2 - Desperate-
3 - Andrey "meLes" Romanov
4 - Genadiy "Astral" Motuz
5 - Andrey "Dukalis" Kuropatkin

PuckChamp really needs a break to recuperate their team's motivation. It seems that they are really having a hard time these day and they need to fix it otherwise all their hard work will fall down. They've been performing so well in the past months but this month they are 3 wins and 5 losses which is definitely a bad case considering how well they perform the previous months.

Unique is definitely doing ok right now, they win some and lose some matches against tiers on their level and it's perfectly fine. They just need to keep their game at that level to continue giving results to their team.

I'm suggesting that this will be an over 2.5 and the winner is definitely either of them, take the Over 2.5 and if PuckChamp +1.5 is good then take it as well.

Over 2.5 (Medium Bet)

Prediction Over 2.5 (Medium Bet)
Odds 1.93
Start Time 10:00 : 18-Mar-21