Sport Betting Tip: Inter vs Napoli, Serie A

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  • Title : Sport Betting Tip: Inter vs Napoli, Serie A
Date: 28 Jul 2020  |   Stake: 100 £   |   Odds: 2.10  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: Football  |   Value: /10


There is a difference of 17 points between Inter and Napoli when they clash with two rounds left of Serie A. There is a big difference between the troops as well, where Inter have better players, coaches and history. The first meeting of the season was won by Inter away with 3-1. Last season, Inter won the home game 1-0 and there is a lot to say even now for an Inter victory.


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Inter Full Time Winner

Inter have had a fantastic season where they long challenged Juventus for the league title. It is sad for Inter that they were hit by a slump and lost ground, while Juventus poured on and won their matches during the same time period. Inter are second in the table and have 7 points up to Juventus, who are already clear champions. Inter are already ready for the Champions League and want to end the season as well as possible. The form is also on top with a 3-0 away win over Genoa.

Opponents Napoli are already secured to play in the Europa League next season. A Champions League meeting against Barcelona is around the corner and there may well be some focus on that match already now. I have a hard time seeing Napoli motivated for this meeting. Napoli's last away match was a loss against Parma with 1-2 and then they won at home against Sassuolo with 2-0, after Sassuolo had 3 goals conceded. Against Inter, Napoli are guaranteed to concede goals and I am sure that Napoli concede more goals than they manage to do themselves.

Prediction: My game will be that Inter wins the match.