Sport Betting Bet: Lecce vs AC Milan, Serie A

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  • Title : Sport Betting Bet: Lecce vs AC Milan, Serie A
Date: 22 Jun 2020  |   Stake: 200 £   |   Odds: 2,50  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: Football  |   Value: /10


For Sure, a goal scorer can be seen in Lecce against AC Milan. I have bet on Ante Rebic twice this season and then I got everything between 3-4 times the money. This time we got 2,50 on him. Still playable and especially when faced with a team like Lecce.


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Ante Rebic to Score anytime / Yes

Lecce concedes the most goals in the entire Seire A. And you can always take the opportunity to throw in a few goal scorers when the team plays. Right now Lecce is below the line and thus has very important matches ahead of him. And it looked really heavy for the team just before the leagues closed when they fell 4-0 and 7-2 respectively in their last two matches.

AC Milan make their second match. They started in the Coppa Italia against Juventus. It was no further achievement, not for any of the teams. However, it was good for Milan to keep a clean sheet, even though they played with a man less from minute 16. Rebic was given a loud red card, and immediately got a red card. With all rights.

However, Rebic is back in play here and the Croatian gets my confidence to net. Rebic has had a brilliant time in Milan since Zlatan joined the club. Now the Swede will certainly not play due to injury, but Rebic feels like another player, even without the Swede on the field. Takes on more, steps into the box very very much, and is constantly looking for shots. Rebic is developing more and more into a goal scorer. In fact, I think we get a good position to play for the Croatians when faced with a team whose defense is hollow.

Prediction:Ante Rebic to Score anytime / Yes