Prediction fotboll: Leeds United - Aston Villa,Premier Leauge

  • Title : Prediction fotboll: Leeds United - Aston Villa,Premier Leauge
Date: 27 Feb 2021  |   Stake: 700  |   Odds: 1.86  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: VIP lounge  |   Value: 7/10


Both teams have some important absences before this dispute, but Leeds seems more able to cope with the given conditions. The fact that Villa can't count on his game leader, Jack Grealish, weighs a lot for a team that doesn't have too many desires and whose coach, Dean Smith, is under Bielsa. For the hosts, there are still questions about the ability to defend themselves. Leeds has the second weakest defense of the competition, but it is at excellent parameters in terms of physical training. Against an opponent who leaves generous spaces and does not make an aggressive mark, the balance should tilt, without great difficulty, in the normal direction.


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According to my knowledge Grealish is injured (when this tip was made). It's big loss for Aston Villa. Leeds has many injured players as well but they have been playing well against teams that are on their level such as Southampton and Crystal Palace.

I love Leeds attacking style as much as the next guy, but the Total on this game is crazy. Sure, they take chances and don’t play a ton of defense, but they also don’t have world class talent and are going to face issues against a good defensive side. While Villa have had struggles lately, they still have the third best defensive record in the League, and will focus on not conceding as their priority. Leeds’ matches have a tendency to be high scoring, but that has been heavily priced in at this point, skewing the value towards the under.

The fight in this match will be fierce. This may result in a large number of fouls and cards, but not necessarily goals.

I like this game to lean toward the low scoring side of that line. Add into it that we’re still in the midst of brutal British winter, which has a habit of slowing down play, and I feel strong about this game being at the one or two goal mark. Villa have had a tough run of games, primarily due to defensive inconsistency, and I believe they will make a concerted effort to defend here. They have enough talent in that area to stifle Leeds, even with how many players the home side are willing to throw forward. It feels wrong to go with the under in a Leeds match, but I like the bet here.

Prediction Under 3 Asian Total
Odds 1.86
Start Time 18:30 : 27-Feb-21
Bookmakers 20BET