Sport Betting Tip: Leicester vs Manchester United

  • Title : Sport Betting Tip: Leicester vs Manchester United
Date: 26 Jul 2020  |   Stake: 100 £  |   Odds: 2.00  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: Football  |   Value: /10


The very last round of the Premier League. Double the money between Leicester and Manchester United. Sees a goal-oriented event at King Power. We have a Leicester that needs a win while United manage at the crossroads. And this is about the Champions League, top 4, as you probably understand.


Leicester Listing Image
Manchester United Listing Image


Believe in a very careful match. Not only from the away team that will try to bet on results, but also from Leicester. A goal backwards would mean an incredible uphill and in the first half, neither team will probably risk much. Leicester know that United are really sharp when countering with their super fast players and therefore Leicester must be very careful. And as for Manchester United, I do not think at all that Ole will go hard to score goals. Will play a lot on counterattacks if you know him right.

Could not even lead the home game against West Ham or barely dared for that matter, and felt very much like he was happy with a stick in that game. And the same here, of course. One stick is enough and the defensive will therefore be given maximum priority. A super tactical "final match" between Leicester and Manchester United. Do not actually see that this will be a match that ends in many goals. Should a team score, then there will be FULL focus backwards with basically all players. This is how I see the match picture and therefore I also play under 2.5 goals to a nice 2.00

Prediction: Under 2,5 goals