Sport Betting Tips: Liverpool vs Burnely, Premier Leauge

  • Title : Sport Betting Tips: Liverpool vs Burnely, Premier Leauge
Date: 12 Jul 2020  |   Stake: 200£   |   Odds: 1.90  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: Football  |   Value: /10


After so many straight wins, it's really sad that we went on 2 shots. In this game tip, it's really time for a win and I'm very confident for the future. I have found an odds of 1.90 and considering that Burnley will not hold any ball, I see extreme game value in Burnley making under 7.5 shots in the match. If you cut just over the line, you can see that it becomes difficult to reach when you meet a team like Liverpool, who like to keep the ball through the match.


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Game tips: Liverpool - Burnely

So, now I'm stepping on a new subplay: Burnley will not be able to borrow the ball against Liverpool, it is estimated that they have about 30% ball possession - and very few attacks. We have Wood back in the team but he is still not fit for 90 minutes, last time he got 30 minutes and I will be surprised if he plays more than 45 today. He is the team's most frequent finisher.

In addition, we can state that Burnley has an average of 8.12 shots per away match. They have shot under 7.5 shots in 9 of 16 away matches and if we filter on the top teams, they have shot under 7.5 shots in four of six away matches… and then I have filtered nicely - against Man City, which is the best team to compare Liverpool with, they only shot one shot in the whole match.

  • Betting tips: Burnley under 7.5 shots
  • Odds: @ 1.90
  • Game stop: July 12 at 17.30 CET