Predictions Fotball: Nordirland - Bulgarien, VM Qualification

  • Title : Predictions Fotball: Nordirland - Bulgarien, VM Qualification
Date: 31 Mar 2021  |   Stake: 800  |   Odds: 2  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: Football  |   Value: 8/10


Northern Ireland should have a good chance of defeating Bulgaria on Wednesday, the home ground advantage makes the difference.


Bulgaria is not getting much right at all right now and has not got it right for a long time now, so I expect Northern Ireland to pick up points here at home.

Both Northern Ireland and Bulgaria stand at zero points in Group C, after one and two rounds respectively. Northern Ireland has had time to play a match, against Italy and fell 2-0 at home in Belfast, Bulgaria, on the other hand, apart from Italy, has had time to lose against Switzerland as well, with 3-1 at home, which actually sums it all up very well, both Northern Ireland and Bulgaria will not have much to say in this group game - they both have to aim for a third place.

And in the hunt for that third place, we consider Northern Ireland to have the greatest chance, it is between Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania where we obviously rank Lithuania last, they are not at all on the same level as the first two, but at the same time we think Bulgaria is significant closer to Lithuania than Northern Ireland right now.

Because if we look more closely at how Bulgaria has performed in recent years, it is anything but convincing figures that appear in front of one. They have had a win since 2019, and then they defeated Gibraltar in a training match, and it is not directly the case that Bulgaria is faced with the toughest possible opposition, but more precisely countries such as Belarus, Hungary and Finland. In addition, they only won one match in the last European Championship qualifier, which means that they failed to defeat Montenegro and Kosovo, both at home and away. Awful!

I do not see Wednesday's meeting as anything other than a dream situation for Northern Ireland to be noted for their first three-pointer in this group game. It is simply difficult, Bulgaria just looks to be getting worse and worse at the same time as Northern Ireland is reasonably as stable at the same level as they have basically always been - ie. that they are slightly sharper than this type of resistance.

I will therefore choose Northern Ireland's side on Wednesday, the home ground advantage we believe will determine the outcome of this match. If Northern Ireland only makes a similar effort against Italy these days, you should just emerge victorious from this event.

Prediction North Ireland win
Odds 2
Start Time 20:45 : 31-Mar-21
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