Pay your bills an make $1,000 extra in a month

  • Title : Pay your bills an make $1,000 extra in a month
Date: 18 Nov 2020  |   Stake: 1000$   |   Odds: 1.29  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: Football  |   Value: /10


After losing 2 straight Nations League matches, England will be looking for revenge when they host the weakest team in the group, namely Iceland, who have lose all 5 of their matches so far. England will not win their group and Iceland will go out. The match is thus about the honor, but for England it is about much more. England is now one of football's biggest nations. It is also important to show it in headwinds. They have a disappointment in the back where it was cod away against Belgium with 0-2, where England had the most ball possession and most shots on and off goal. The ball did not just want to enter. It will come loose and I'm sure it's going to happen in this match. On paper, England has a better player in all positions. My bet is for England to win by at least two goals


England haven’t been the best at the back lately but I expect them to bounce back from the Belgium defeat with a win at home to Iceland. Iceland are pretty defensive and negative and I’m banking  England to win with 2-0