Sport Betting Tip: SPAL vs Roma

  • Title : Sport Betting Tip: SPAL vs Roma
Date: 22 Jul 2020  |   Stake: 100 £  |   Odds: 1.89  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: Football  |   Value: /10


The bottom team Spal, there is probably no team in Europe that is worse than them. It is quite obvious that they have given up the season. You have 14 points up to secure a new contract. And the league will soon be finished. So in other words, in theory, you have nothing more to play for. It feels unlikely that it would go the way. They are in a terribly bad shape and I do not even think they have an advantage because Roma lack some players before this match. Andrea Petanga will surely to score, but it is Roma who must bring home all 3 points today.


SPAL Listing Image
Roma Listing Image


Roma wins and retains fifth place!

SPAL will surely remember last season's feat when they beat Roma twice. But after Roma won at home 3-1 last year, the roles have changed again. Their uninspiring shape will not hold. They have lost 5 straight games and 7 of the last 8. Thus, it looks like you can say thank you and hello to 3 great years in Serie A.

There will be games Serie B next season. Roma have a superiorly better eleven, and are undefeated in 4 straight games. 3 wins and 2-2 against Inter Milan. My game today is based on form and what Roma have to go out and do. They win this match by at least 2 goals and take over fifth place from Milan. 


Prediction: Roma win the match with at least 2 goals