Date: 07 Feb 2021  |   Stake: 800  |   Odds: 3.23, 3.53, 3.95  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: Football  |   Value: 8/10


How do we play system games? Its easy. The advantages of system games are the following: 1) You can win on your coupon even though you are not entitled to all the matches you have played in. 2)You get significantly higher odds and thus a chance to win as well. 3) You get more matches to follow. Since system games generally contain more matches, you get more matches to follow, which means that the gaming entertainment is significantly higher.


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Double system: It is simply used if you were to play 3 to 6 matches. The system then corresponds to all doubles on your coupon that can be created when you combine the matches in groups of 2. At 3 matches there will be 3 doubles and at 4 matches there will be 6 doubles. In 5 matches there will then be a reasonable 10 doubles and in the end in 6 matches there will be 15 doubles. Then you should know that the more doubles you have, the more expensive the coupon you submit

For example, you can play a system game 2/3 this games today. This means that the game consists of 3 matches, but there will be a win on your coupon even if only 2 of these go in! Should 3/3 go into the played system, the win will be all the higher, but still 2. This is a big advantage over many other ways to play as a wrong match can make the entire coupon unprofitable. Lets try it!

system betting

  •  Man City's attack will have too much for Liverpool's constantly changing back 4 today.Man city is the only team in the PL with consistency at the moment, they’re undefeated last 20 games and have won an astonishing 17 of them. Liverpool have been shaky lately and have a hard time scoring 

  • Athletic Bilbao have only won one of their last eight meetings against Valencia.

  • Paris SG won 4 out of there last 3 games over 3 goals in each game, since they have a new Trainer is a big change in the Team what we see on the field. Marsailles has not win 1 game out of there last 5 games and really down.
Prediction City over 1,5 goals, Valencia win or draw, Paris to win -1
Odds 3.23, 3.53, 3.95
Start Time 21:00 : 07-Feb-21
Bookmakers CampoBet