Sport Betting Tip: Verona vs Atalanta, Serie A

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  • Title : Sport Betting Tip: Verona vs Atalanta, Serie A
Date: 18 Jul 2020  |   Stake: 200 £   |   Odds: 3,55  |  
Author: Le Cheif  |   Category: Football  |   Value: /10


this weekend's Serie A kicks off in Verona where the home team Hellas meets Atalanta. I believe in a nice and entertaining match and play corners. Verona to get over 4.5 corners clicked to high 3.55 at Unibet. It was between several different corner variants in this match as I believe that the companies have a far too low line in a match that consists of two offensive forces. The choice fell on Verona over 4.5 corners as I believe there is a great chance that they do it and that the odds were so high. If you want to run more safely, you can choose a lower line and still get over 2 times the sauce. You decide for yourself.


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Hellas Verona over 4,5 corners

Hellas as the team from Verona is called has been a big surprise in this year's Serie A. The team with a relatively unknown squad has done really well and is in a nice 9th place. What has been most positive, however, is their fine play. You dare to hold the ball and attack against the best teams in the league. It is rare to see this Verona played out in a football match. Of course, they have suffered losses, in the plural. However, they have done so with the flag at the top. The team has usually been ball-leading in their matches and always shows a good attitude. For tonight's match, you learn to be a little extra tagged to show off your best side when the great Atalanta comes to visit.

Atalanta who at the moment are completely unstoppable and line up victories and lots of goals. Hopefully the away team will be able to take the lead in the match and thus transfer most of the ball possession to Verona who will press for a draw. In any case, I think Verona, as long as they do not take the lead, will go for goals and victory. On the purchase you usually get corners. A receipt for that can be found in their last two matches where they got 8 and 6 corners against Fiorentina and Roma.

Prediction: Verona: over 4,5 corners

odds: 3,55