Prediction: Donald Trump wins presidential election 2020

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  • Title : Prediction: Donald Trump wins presidential election 2020
Date: 12 Oct 2020  |   Stake: 9/10  |   Odds: 2.05  |  
Author: Mr. Clutch  |   Category: US Sports  |   Value: /10


Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he is a much bigger favorite than this to win the 2020 presidential election. The only thing that could threaten this game is if he himself chooses to resign to show his sovereignty. We can already see how Donald Trump is increasingly focusing on communicating to appease his loyal voters and to cast doubt on his side. Most famous here in Sweden at the time of writing is the A $ AP Rocky case, where his phone call to Stefan Löfven was of course nothing more than just such an action. Away in the USA, he continuously debates with the US Federal Reserve to increase the country's economic stimuli and keep interest rates down so that the super boom will last at least another year.


He may not always appear to be the most likeable person in the world, but Donald Trump knows how to play the game. The fact that he is also backed by a staff of people and world leaders who want nothing more than for him to be elected will of course become increasingly clear when it comes to "dealing" to the right and left during the winter and spring. But it is above all regarding the opposition that I see several factors that speak for the incumbent president and his cabinet.

In the 2016 election, the Democrats ran with Hillary Clinton as a candidate, which proved to be a perfect opposite for Donald Trump and his rhetoric against the "establishment". This time, the odds are that it will once again be a female politician who is elected the party's presidential candidate, and we can only imagine Donald Trump's rhetoric, followers and voter rallies will sound then. Kamala Harris is the gaming companies' and my favorite over Elizabeth Warren, but both will get it hot on their ears if they go head-to-head against Donald Trump.

More likely opponent according to many experts is Joe Biden, best known as Barack Obama's vice president. Here, too, I find it difficult to see how dubious voters in the center will be won over to the Democrats' advantage. Donald Trump will compare everything with the period when Obama was president, and I doubt if Joe Biden has what it takes to resist. Maybe it would be even better for the Democrats to persuade Michelle Obama to run for the 2020 election already. The domestic politics, the international proposals to portray the United States as the giant winner (regardless of outcome) in combination with the Democrats' scattered candidate election boils down to me that Donald Trump should be a bigger favorite of the gaming companies than he already is.

Bet365 stands out from other betting companies and is currently offering more than twice the money that he will win the presidential election in 2020, and I take that every week. The odds on Donald Trump will be significantly lower as election day approaches. Anyone who wants to hedge can then play on his opponent.

Prediction: Donald Trump win


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