Sport Betting Tip: Juventus - Dynamo Kyiv, Will he score again?

  • Title : Sport Betting Tip: Juventus - Dynamo Kyiv, Will he score again?
Date: 02 Dec 2020  |   Stake: 100$   |   Odds: 1.91  |  
Author: Mr.Kim  |   Category: Football  |   Value: 4/10


Juventus does not have much motivation in this match, but theoretically, they still have a chance for 1st place if they win here and then with a 2-goal difference at the Camp Nou. It is difficult but possible. It is known how much the team from Turin relies on a strong defense, so I do not believe that after receiving a goal against the Hungarian team at their stadium, they will capitulate once again.I am choosing 3-0 in favor of Juventus. and Morata score for Juventus


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Juventus still have a slim chance of topping the group. They can do so by winning this game. They have world class players who can win this game. If he wants to qualify for the next round, he has to win that match Andrié Pirlo's men must win that match I expect Juventus to win

Juventus disappointed their fans last weekend by playing just 1-1 against Benevento, one of the weakest teams in Italian Serie A. Overall, Juventus are playing much worse at the start of this season than the last few although they have not been defeated in the Italian Championship. In the Champions League, they lost one match against Barcelona in Turin, but they have secured 2nd place two rounds before the end. There were a lot of problems in the previous round at home against Ferencvaros. Juventus came to victory after a late goal by Morata in the 92nd minute

My prediction will be just him. Morata has scored like 7 goals in his last 10 matches so he is truly in form right now ... + he has also scored 5 goals in 4 CL games this season and he also scored twice in reverse fixture Hungary where Juve scored 4 while keeping Ronaldo off scoresheet. Therefore perhaps i fancy him to find the net this time aswell. Juventus win and Morata score again.

  • Juventus have won 8 of their last 10 matches (UEFA Champions League). 
  • Juventus have won their last 3 matches against Dynamo Kiev (UEFA Champions League).
  • Juventus won 5-0 in their last home match against Dynamo Kiev (UEFA Champions League).
  • Juventus forward Alvaro Morata has scored 5 goals in his last 4 matches (UEFA Champions League). 
  • Dynamo Kiev have lost 3 of their last 4 matches (UEFA Champions League). 
  • Dynamo Kiev have seen over 2.5 goals in 5 of their last 6 matches (UEFA Champions League). 


Prediction Morata score any time
Odds 1.91
Start Time 12:00 : 02-Dec-20
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