Prediction fotball: Luxembourg vs Portugal Europe World Cup Qualifying

  • Title : Prediction fotball: Luxembourg vs Portugal Europe World Cup Qualifying
Date: 30 Mar 2021  |   Stake: 800  |   Odds: 1.80  |  
Author: Mr.Kim  |   Category: Football  |   Value: 8/10


Portugal will bring a sense of doom to the Luxembourg dressing room as we believe they are heavy favourites to win this match, seeing the level of both teams is just completely different.


Portugal feeling very hard done by from the Serbia game and rightly so. Ronaldo's late goal was ruled out when it was clearly over the line. They will have a score to settle here and I think Luxembourg will have a tough time against a Portugal team who will be raring to go.

Luxembourg, who beat Ireland in the first round of the World Cup qualifiers, take on a much tougher opponent when Portugal visit them in the second round. After making a steady effort, Luxembourg are strong underdogs but I am still fond of their attacking play. This will be Portugal's third match in the qualifiers, after first winning against Azerbaijan and then crossing against Serbia, in a goal-scoring event. When Portugal lost points, we can count on fully motivated Portuguese who put in the highest gear from the start.

Gerson Rodrigues netted in the 85th minute and gave Luxembourg 3 points away against Ireland. But Luxembourg was by no means bad, especially in its offensive. Luxembourg created a lot of chances where they got to 4 shots on goal and 5 shots outside. On the other hand, the fact that Luxembourg managed to keep a clean sheet is a gift for all of us. Luxembourg have lost 5 of their last 7 home matches and a new loss is to be expected.

Because there is a huge difference in quality between the national team troops, where Portugal's offensive with Ronaldo in the lead holds a world level. It's not just Ronaldo who is performing. Diogo Jota had netted twice after 36 minutes away against Serbia and there could very well have been more Portuguese goals than that. Instead, Portugal let Serbia into the match, which equalized and equalized after goals from Aleksandar Mitrovic and Filip Kostic.

At the end of the match, Ronaldo thought he had scored a winning goal for Portugal, but the ball was cleared on the goal line, something that Ronaldo did not really buy because he thought the ball had really crossed the line. There was no VAR technology to determine the situation but I am sure the Portuguese have been motivated by this and will be tagged to the teeth for their next national team assignment.

The reigning European champions and Nations League champions will once again score goals, probably in droves, but there may well be goals scored again as Luxembourg have proved capable of creating situations and coming to an end..

Prediction Over 2,5 goals
Odds 1.80
Start Time 12:00 : 30-Mar-21
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