Sport Betting Tip: Sassuolo vs Lecce, Serie A

  • Title : Sport Betting Tip: Sassuolo vs Lecce, Serie A
Date: 04 Jul 2020  |   Stake: 100 £   |   Odds: 1.80  |  
Author: Mr.Kim  |   Category: Football  |   Value: /10


Series A continues to deliver high entertainment. This time it's time for the match between Sassuolo and Lecce. Two teams that are perfect for betting if you want to score goals. I expect a open game and choose to play over 3 goals (money back at 3)


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Over 3 goals and money back on 3

Is Sassuolo would have better defensive, the team would have fought for European places instead of being a middle team. Going forward, you are really creative and cause problems for all the teams you meet. Coach De Zerbi stands for a fast pass-oriented football that often leads to dangerous situations, thanks to good players the last third. Sassuolo has scored 50 goals and is top 6 in the league in that statistic. More goals than, for example, Napoli and Milan.

The problem is that they conceded 50 goals. As many as Spal who is second to last. This combination means that Sassuolo's matches have the league's second highest goal average. Only Atalanta is worse. Sassuolo's matches after the break have so far ended 1-4, 3-3, 3-3, 3-1. I can not find any reason other than possibly fatigue that this pattern will be broken against Lecce. Sassuolo has a really good flow offensively right now. Lecce, which is the league's worst team defensively, will have big problems.

Actually, everything speaks for goals in this match. Tired players could have been a small risk here, but I still believe in open play. Sassuolo has a fairly wide squad and should be able to keep up the pace. The only thing I can see as a realistic risk is an early red card to Sassuolo. Lecce was robbed most recently against Sampdoria where the referee releases a clear red card to Sampdoria at the beginning of the match and awards Samp two cheap penalties.

One can never ignore the risk of compensation in Italy. Sassuolo also has no exposed position in the table. It may sound far-fetched that I mention this, but that is actually the reason why I do not press max bet here. I settle for 8 units. Do not be surprised if Lecce gets a penalty here.

Prediction: over 3 goals