Sport Betting Tip: Tottenham - Leeds United, Premier Leauge

  • Title : Sport Betting Tip: Tottenham - Leeds United, Premier Leauge
Date: 02 Jan 2021  |   Stake: 200  |   Odds: 1.80  |  
Author: Mr.Kim  |   Category: Football  |   Value: 7/10


Tottenham at home should able to get the win at home against Leeds, where Tottenham were on a 6-game winning streak at home in all competition before the game against Leicester, hence Tottenham could get back to winning ways.


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Tottenham have had a bit of a rest with their Fulham game called off and will be well prepared for this match. Leeds are capable of being excellent on their day, but often come up just short and an away game to Spurs looks tricky.

I played against Tottenham last time when they faced Wolves and chose a 1X game. The game was settled after the Wolves made it 1-1 quite late in the match. After that, Tottenham's PL match against Fulham was postponed and Spurs has therefore had to recover further, while Leeds has run as usual. Can Spurs & Mourinho take advantage of the situation?

I think so and that is not the only reason I will play for Tottenham this time. I still stand by everything I said about Tottenham. A boring Mourinho team that will fall. A football that no longer works as it did ten years ago, in a way. And that of course you had your hype there in the beginning but that you will not be close to any league title. But that does not mean that Tottenham can not win matches. I actually think Leeds is a perfect opponent.

Here, Mourinho's defensive men will get their chances and should Tottenham also make the first match then Mourinho can close back and play on counterattacks that Spurs will get lots of. Marcelo Bielsa's gang plays super openly. It does not matter which team you meet, you stick to more or less exactly the same type of football. Respect for it & very fun for us viewers as well, but in the name of honesty it does not work against all teams. And it feels like Spurs could punish Leeds a number of times in the match. Few times will I play for Spurs this season - mostly against the team - but a match like this will be the straight home victory to 1.80

Prediction Tottenham Match (regular time)
Odds 1.80
Start Time 12:00 : 02-Jan-21