NAVI VS MUDGOLEMS ( ESL One Germany 2020 )

NAVI VS MUDGOLEMS ( ESL One Germany 2020 )  Banner Image
  • Title : NAVI VS MUDGOLEMS ( ESL One Germany 2020 )
Date: 18 Oct 2020  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.60  |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports


Group stage continue in this prestige tournament hosted by ELS . Both of these teams got the same standing 2-1 and this would be a decider to position themselves in a very comfortable position . As i mentioned recently in my prediction Navi organization partially adopt FlytoMoon roster experimenting this tournament result .


I'm not trying to upsell Navi here but they are more consistent and reliable for me . Yes Mudgolems did win againts Nigma but this is Nigma recycling their strat all over again wont deny that Mudgolems really shock me on that result . But it would be no brainer if Im gonna made my decision based on one series . It doesn't mean they upset Nigma if teams wont flop againts thems . Navi guys played so long and actually considered to be high caliber tier two team that can take on stronghold powerhouse in Dota . Navi roster need to proved something in this tournament this will able them to keep this opportunity landing in the legendary banner so im expecting them to have a high place despite of the odds . Mudgolems seems solid but this will boil down to who is more consistent well for me it is the ex Flytomoon guys that is now Navi . As a dota player myself if we talk about individual skill difference Navi has  he upper footing