Astralis vs Heroic ( Els Pro League Season 12 Europe ) Rematch game

  • Title : Astralis vs Heroic ( Els Pro League Season 12 Europe ) Rematch game
Date: 04 Oct 2020  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.65  |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: /10


Im so hype for this rematch like any Counterstrike fan throughout the globe will tune in for this surely. It is the rematch we are waiting for. Heroic earlier in the Playoffs pulled of Astralis straight in their guts that got them into lower bracket . The underdogs somehow manage to win againts such dominating powerhouse in the scene . It is maybe a same story to tell or the Astralis Squad will get their revenge and fly with their ticket in the grandfinals facing Navi .


Recent odds when Heroic won it is x4 the winnings , right now ìt seems like they got the respect they earned pulling that win . Astralis just won againts Mouse Esport at this very moment  but it is really close an overtime  score of 19-17 . Whoever win this goes to Grandfinals this is how so much stake in this matchup . Can the number 1 team in counterstrike get their confidence this day and somehow snatch the Trophy grinding from lower bracket to the end . I truly believe it Heroic and Navi are very deserving contender but Astralis man they are dominating the scene for about ages right now . The talent of this team and experience are undoubtly the top 5 atleast this past 3 years .We cant count out the chances of Heroic in this match up but seeing the faces of Astralis this day they are hungry to take this title which they can really do it. Ecstag and Device hitting their shot and timings are just the definition on how to play this game . The squad can work underpressure situation like this I believe they got this and Face Navi in the Grandfinals which still im going for them in that one

My Prediction Astralis will win the Series