BIG VS HEROIC CSGO (ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe)

  • Title : BIG VS HEROIC CSGO (ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe)
Date: 10 Sep 2020  |   Stake: 8/10  |   Odds: 1.73  |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: /10


Group A of Els Pro League Eu will continue to clash tonight . Big vs Heroic will be playing for this first time after the DreamHack 2020 Europe Championship which they dueled for the title. Big won the tournament and upset the whole community for the result . It was also done in online server and Big was all in their booth camp at that tournament . Heroic battle till the end but it seems like Big advantage playing in the same environment was the key for that win .


With Big tied with the 3 teams above the top 4 they can solidify their place by winning this match. Heroic on the other side tied up with the bottom 3 teams as they  got 1 win and 2 losses in their respective stats. Big winning the Dreamhack was dubbed them the strongest online team(onliners) at that moment  or being doubt as just for online and cant match up top teams in LAN servers , either of this validation was presented to them . Big in this tournament only lose against Navi tied up with them but has the highest ratio in the group . Heroic end up losing to Ago which is very unlikely as they are consider top 5 at least this month in the world rankings it is really disappointing result for the side of Heroic . My judgement of this is Big stayed on their composure in online tournaments and brings solid strategies to the table making them a threat to any teams listed in this tournament . I mean this is their kind of tournament they all stayed on their booth camp and exploiting  this weakness against other team not having the same advantage, as opposite squad playing in their different homes. The communication of squad is just way too different playing together in the same house . Energy is also an issue but this comes up all on this match