Boom Esport vs Cignal Ultra ( Dota Summit Season 13 )

  • Title : Boom Esport vs Cignal Ultra ( Dota Summit Season 13 )
Date: 04 Nov 2020  |   Stake: 100  |   Odds: 1.30  |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: /10


We are now back again with some high tier SEA Dota Tournament where we have the highest winrate in Esport title . Im posting 4 series today if I hit all the game correctly . Confident in my game today and I am hoping for a run . This is the first series of the playoffs and surely a bloodshed on the way at this is all Elimation game of the lower bracket. This is the battle of highest and lowest seed in lowerbracket Boom place first while Cignal was the last that just barely made this playoff.


  • I didnt expect that Cignal ultra survive the groupstage rather than Team Star . It was surely rigged when the series  againts Neon Esport both coming locally in Ph made them won the bo2 series 2-0 . Cignal Ultra manage to tied up games in the groupstage even taking a game againts this same squad Boom 1-1 so maybe this team is stepping up big time in games that really matters . This is the playoffs so surely expecting these both teams will bring their A game in this elimination series that whoevers win is a better overall . I am Filipino myself but  I will put my bet on Boom Esport Indonesian squad , not that I hate my countrymen but Boom Esport is more way off in terms of skill difference and experience to Cignal Ultra . Cignal Ultra just made a playoff run for maybe a year now yes this is their first and Boom is already cementing their name on Sea Region . They are way more experienced and hold a lot of strategies to execute I really think Boom will be so much for Cignal when also this is a elimination game . Im expecting them to stomp Cignal Ultra in this series and games wont be closed enough. 

My Safe Prediction Boom Esport will win the series = Win


Game 1 Winner Boom Esport = medium bet = WIN

Boom will win 2-0 with 1.78 betting what i won the series = Win

Frags Map 1 51.5 Over/ Under = Under 1.62 odds = medium = WIN

Duration of the Map 1 35mins Over /Under = 1.62 35 minutes Under = WIN

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