Complexity vs Vitality (ELS PRO LEAGUE EU CSGO SEASON 12 )

  • Title : Complexity vs Vitality (ELS PRO LEAGUE EU CSGO SEASON 12 )
Date: 17 Sep 2020  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.85   |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: /10


This will be the most exciting matchup in the tournament . Finally Complexity will be taking againts the discipline squad of Apex . Complexity was unbeaten but not yesterday as Mouse Esports put the stop for the hot train of Complexity . Complexity doesn't win a single map even their most successful map Mouse Esport takes it to them . It was really an upset that shouldn't happen. Complexity losing to 2-1 was acceptable but 2-0 when its the reality is just so unreal.


Yesterday Complexity really choked hard to Mouse Esport now they will be put on a real test againts Vitality the number one team at the moment in the world rankings . This is tough for complexity somehow . Complexity will have to ban inferno, so that leaves Vertigo open for Vitality where they'll most likely bury them. Vitality removed Train Complexity removed Inferno Vitality picked Vertigo Complexity picked Dust2 Vitality removed Mirage Complexity removed Overpass Nuke was left over I don't think Complexity are comfortable enough on Nuke right now for it to be their pick, and Vitality will most definitely let them pick Dust2 to avoid playing Train

Seeing the Face Cam of the  In Game Leader Apex  also shows how formidable and fearless this Vitality squads right now . Apex is serious and shows that commanding voice is very lethal to any teams they takes on. Strategies wise it will be their map picks that they will get first win . I dont think any teams here losing to two to zero. Vitality wont lost two to zero here this is I am sure.