Cignal Ultra vs Smart Omega

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  • Title : Cignal Ultra vs Smart Omega
Date: 06 Jan 2021  |   Stake: $50  |   Odds: 1.55  |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 9/10


This match is from the Close Qualifiers of DPC PGL events. The qualifiers consist of 8 teams and there will be 4 teams who will proceed to the Upper Division while the rest will have to go and fight their way in Stage 2 Round Robin. Most teams would want to avoid participating in the Round Robin as they will have to play more games which might reveal more gameplays and tactics that they are saving for the main event.


Team Cignal vs Omega Esports
DPC 2021: S1 - SEA, Stage 1, Lower Bracket, Round 1
Best of 3

Cignal Ultra lineup:
1 - Denz Daryll "ABAT" Anedez
2 - James "jamesy" Palatolon
3 - Van Jerico "Van" Manalaysay
4 - Erice "Erice" Guerra
5 - Jomari "Grimzx" Anis

Smart Omega lineup:
1 - Justine Ryan "Tino"Evangelista
2 - Mc Nicholson "Mac" Villanueva
3 - Jun "Bok" Kanehara
4 - Marvin "Boombacs" Rushton
5 - Bryle "cml" Alvizo


Smart Omega was former Mirza For Three (MFT) and was also Team Adroit before being absorbed by Omega, the team has a better synergy and hero pool. They did lose to Neon Esports the other day but Neon Esports was completely in a different tier right now and it's expected that one of the slot for DPC is for them.

Cignal Ultra on the other hand, manage to pull of a map against Vice which is impressive considering the drought they have been to in the past month, the team never won a single match with this current lineup since the last week of November and they've been really struggling hard to keep the team afloat. It's quite surprising that their management decided to keep everyone and didn't made a shuffle for this DPC. The loser on this match will proceed to the Stage two Round Robin together with the Open Qualifiers participants.

That being said, we can see that this match is for Smart Omega.

Smart Omega to win (Medium Bet)

Prediction Smart Omega to win (Medium Bet)
Odds 1.55
Start Time 13:00 : 06-Jan-21