[DOTA2] Galaxy Racer vs Team SMG

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  • Title : [DOTA2] Galaxy Racer vs Team SMG
Date: 06 Jan 2021  |   Stake: $50  |   Odds: 1.50  |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 5/10


Both teams were stomped by their opponents in this event and was not able to showcase what they can do. This will be the best match for the both of them to prove that they deserve to win this Closed Qualifiers.


Galaxy Racer vs Team SMG
DPC 2021: S1 - SEA, Stage 1, Lower Bracket, Round 1
Best of 3

Galaxy Racer Lineup:
1 - Daniel "Ghost" Chan
2 - Hiew Teck "AlaCrity" Yoong
3 - Lee Kong "kYxY" Yang
4 - Adrian "Destrice" Eng
5 - Adam "343" Shah

Team SMG Lineup:
1 - Chen Jia "vtFaded" Hao
2 - Muhammand "Neah666" Jamil
3 - Chai Yee "Mushi" Fung
4 - Michael "ninjaboogie" Ross
5 - Tue Soon "ah fu" Chuan

Team SMG is Team IO with Ohayio being replaced by Mushi, some says that Ohayio is a downgrade for the team but we believe there is a transition that happened and Mushi is a addition to the team. There will be a diverse hero pool and better synergy as a team.

Both team (SMG and Galaxy Racer) were stomped by their opponents and we were not able to see the potential of both teams as they were dominated since the early game. I believe that they will be able to showcase their skills on this match as both teams are on the same tier level. But considering that Team SMG has a longer experience and relationship with each other, they are more confident on trying a new approach to this match.

We could expect SMG to win this match.

Team SMG to win (Small Bet)

Prediction Team SMG to win (Small Bet)
Odds 1.50
Start Time 00:00 : 01-Jan-01