GenG Esports vs Cloud 9 ( ELS ONE PRO LEAGUE SEASON 12 NA )

  • Title : GenG Esports vs Cloud 9 ( ELS ONE PRO LEAGUE SEASON 12 NA )
Date: 22 Sep 2020  |   Stake: 100  |   Odds: 1.93  |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: /10


Match will begin in just a hour. Im thinking this bet all day and for me it is really worth the risk . This is fair odds in every betting site I checked. This series doesnt matter to both teams as their playoff plan getting there is just plain dead right now . Both teams doesnt get to top 4 of this server with just a little games left it is nice to exit dominating the last series just like Heroic did.


They are both tie in standings but it really doesnt matter now . Both teams are terrible in this tournament Cloud 9 is a little bit more with just single digit underfrag to GenG. But Cloud 9 losses are much close than GenG it is the single performance of each guys in GenG shined in the statistic . In order to win each gun round GenG have pulled out miraculously clutch given by a single member of the team . With them playing in this  with an improper In game leader this type of play cope up to somehow bigger disaster . I dont want to bet basing in luck for this series so frankly saying I dont think GenG can pulled out some crazy clutches tonight and continue this sort of unrealistic happenings. Cloud 9 is a very good team in that regards, and relatively can take GenG guys heads off this series if they just do their thing not doing some crazy clutches.

My Prediction Cloud 9 will win the SERIES