Liquid vs Navi (Els One Germany )

  • Title : Liquid vs Navi (Els One Germany )
Date: 11 Oct 2020  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.82  |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: /10


Navi just fully release their recent roster and acquire FlytoMoon lineup an experiment for two tournaments OGA Pit and this Els One Germany . Basically results will be based on how FlytoMoon guys will set off for the legendary banner if they place high then maybe they land in Navi for a long time . ELS ONE GERMANY is much bigger than Oga Pit tournament so this one really matter . We are still on the groupstage of the tournaments but it indeed a carnage for all teams listed. I made a prediction about Liquid vs Mudgolems and that one is lost horribly Liquid are just way too strong


I made a prediction about Liquid vs Mudgolems and also bet on it but that was just way off the line . I did mention that Liquid hasnt yet playing so much games but dear God they are so damn good vs the match to Mudgolens , the guys are just on the another level quite proved what Notail said the legendary captain of OG that if he put top 5 team in the world Team Liquid must be on it . I predicted that Mudgolems can score a game but it wasnt even close the two games are just massacre . This match up Navi roster is the FlytoMoon guys a squad who have been playing lately together for a long time already . General homecoming to Navi is also a story . My deciding factor for this one is the straight skill cap because both of this teams have already history together . This Liquid squad played a year together experienced one International wayback 2019 . Both of them 2-0 their opponents in the first round but it is mudgolems who have beaten by Liquid has been recognized the most . Liquid showing off that they still the squad to be feared of they proved me wrong that are still playing their metagame . They are now also adopting about the fast tempo approach to the game playing it so smooth watching the recent match they have played . I am impressed by Liquid that is my point so I have strong trust on them they can take Navi on this match 

My prediction Match Winner =Liquid