Vikin vs Og ( Epic League Division 1 )

  • Title : Vikin vs Og ( Epic League Division 1 )
Date: 20 Nov 2020  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.85  |  
Author: Rjwick  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: /10


Vikin is still undeafeated to this groupstage and it is Team Og who is in catch for today match . Team Og only manage to win againts Alliance bout to say that team Alliance won nothing in this groupstage while on the other hand Vikin Gg. manage to win againts tier 1 teams like Team Secret , the defending champion of the recent tournament Team liquid and also Mudgolems who is also doing great in this groupstage. Vikin Gg is the number 1 team in the tally of this tournament Team Og is at 7 placed in the groupstage and sitting on a grim position as it will result on lower bracket placement .


Vikin Gg. I watched all the replays in this recent days that  Im out and the team lives on their current dominance which are just way too clean on their plays and overall execution of the game .I love this team never saw a team that  this such disciplined and at the same time fearless on their calls to take advantage on opposing team . Og is struggling the latest Team to win Ti also back to back seems that they still didn't find their way to crush the game on their hands  and open the metagame in their favor . Ah Vikin.Gg is overall the favorite in this match up I dont know why the odds is still split in this way when Vikin Gg are just resentless and it seems that no teams cant take them out at the moment. It is possible in the playoffs when every match is crucial but im presuming that OG will be on their classic strat that continue to experiment while the tournament is still in the groupstage .

My prediction Vikin.Gg will convincingly win the series