Phillies at Braves 4/11/21 - MLB Picks & Predictions

  • Title : Phillies at Braves 4/11/21 - MLB Picks & Predictions
Date: 12 Apr 2021  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.65  |  
Author: Shoeless  |   Category: US Sports  |   Value: 6/10


Sunday night's baseball game will face the Braves and the Phillies. However, it is interesting to know which of these teams will stand out, because "Brave" should be the most popular.


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But in this year, his job is very difficult. The brave are 3-4 this year. At the same time, so far this season, the Phillies have a record of 5 wins and 2 losses, and the Phillies have scored a total of 27 times. The Phillies finally scored 57 hits and threw 5 balls into the stands. Philadelphia's final score was .251. The Braves came here with a total of 25 runs, but they only managed to win 10 home runs. "Brave" has a .194 average score, but only had 42 total hits. Moore's record for the year was 0-0, with a 5.40 ERA. So far, Moore has thrown only 3.1 rounds, only allowed 4 strikes and 4 walks, but only hit 4 batters. Smyly is 0-0 with a 3.00 ERA. Smyly successfully launched 6 rounds a year and achieved 8 combos this year. Smyly allowed 4 hits and 1 home run, but only had one combo this year.

If Moore can regain control, the game here will be shown to the Phillies. As Moore still has the problem of finding the ball, even in Atlanta's terrible hit, the brave ones have the ability to get the ball out of the park with a good pinch rate, allowing the brave to catch the ball. This game sealed the victory for Moore and the Phillies. The final result is predicted, the Atlanta Warriors won 4-2.

Prediction Atlanta to win
Odds 1.65
Start Time 00:00 : 12-Apr-21
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