French Open: Novak Djokovic - Rafael Nadal

  • Title : French Open: Novak Djokovic - Rafael Nadal
Date: 11 Oct 2020  |   Stake: 7/10  |   Odds: 1.87  |  
Author: Shoeless  |   Category: Tennis  |   Value: /10


In 2011, Djokovic entered Roland Garros undefeated and with an emanation of power, yet a heavenly Roger Federer ended his advancement in the semi finals. Quick forward nine years and the Serbian has shown up to the choosing fight in Paris without losing a finished match throughout the season. The world #1 appears to be prepared to challenge Nadal in the most troublesome situation: Court Philippe Chatrier. The important thing here of course, is Djokovic injured or not? We do not know, but we will get a taste of the answer when he enters the track, whether he wears that giant patch or not.


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Djokovic is playing in a way that is better than Nadal at this moment, however his walkabout for two sets in the elimination round provides genuine opportunity to stop and think. In any case, the conditions suit him and the structure suits him. Likewise, Djokovic needs reclamation for how his US Open finished. It will be a ruthless fight, however the World #1 will come through at long last.

This is the huge one, the one we were all hanging tight for. Nadal has raged through the competition without being undermined by any means. Yet, that may hurt him. In 2019 at Australian Open, Nadal was returning from a long break and was not prepared for Djokovic, permitting the Serbian to direct off the ground.

Nadal was no doubt tucked up nicely in bed with a big smile on his face and his water bottles placed neatly by his side when Djokovic was finally saw off Tsitsipas’ resistance. To be fair to the Serbian he looked relatively fresh, if a little annoyed, at the end but surely that will have taken more out of him than he would’ve liked.

Pre-tournament I thought Djokovic was favourite but no doubt that the semifinals will have an effect here. I will still just about side with Djokovic, it would create history to beat Nadal but Djokovic will be so pumped for this. It could be his crowning moment.

This will go to 4-5 set. 

My prediction: over 40,5 in total games

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