ATP FINALS: Djokovic, Novak - Schwartzman, Diego Sebastian

  • Title : ATP FINALS: Djokovic, Novak - Schwartzman, Diego Sebastian
Date: 16 Nov 2020  |   Stake: 7/10  |   Odds: 1.79  |  
Author: Shoeless  |   Category: Tennis  |   Value: /10


There are a few questions encompassing world #1 Novak Djokovic's structure and mindset coming into his first match at the ATP Finals. His misfortune to Lorenzo Sonego in the quarterfinals in Vienna was unusual and his clarification after the match that he was happy with his endeavors in making sure about the world #1 positioning saw him come in for hefty analysis from certain quarters. In any case, Djokovic normally figures out how to locate his best tennis at the greatest occasions. Furthermore, he surely seems to consider the ATP Finals a major competition, having multiple times won the title at this occasion. Diego Schwartzman, then, will make his introduction at season-finishing titles. The Argentine experiences given Djokovic difficulty in the past on the earth, yet he has never beaten the Serbian and may end up being to a lesser extent a danger on the quick indoor hard courts at the O2 Arena. In truth, this resembles a generally clear opener for the Serb, which may give him an opportunity to play himself into structure prior to confronting harder rivals


ATP Finals. The eight best players in the world. My first game tip in the tournament.

Most things suggest that Djokovic will win this match and probably also the tournament. The world setter has very few losses this season. However, the Serb suffered a huge loss in his last match played in Austria and then he fell with an incredible 6-2 6-1 against Sonego himself. Schwartzman has a good season behind him and everyone who actually participates in this tournament has had a good season.

However, no titles for the Argentine, but a couple of finals + good GS results have meant that Schwartzman has scored some points, which made him manage to qualify for the tournament. Most things say, as I said, for the Serb in the match and that is pretty much every match, except when he is set against ex Nadal on gravel or comes into a match with a bad form. Otherwise, Djokovic is the big favorite in all his matches. But as I said, he was pretty weak last time who was also indoors, like this one in London.

Then I can think that Schwartzman is a player who can actually make it difficult for many opponents. Runs a lot and does not throw away unnecessary balls. Varnishes some on his serve, however, but compensates well with a good game on the court & hard work. I can therefore imagine that Schwartzman can stand against Djokovic to a certain extent and hopefully take the match to an overplay. Do not think Djokovic has any value here and especially not on the 2-0 game or an underplay. An overplay therefore feels best.

My prediction: Over 19,5 games

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