Will we see Serena Williams how we know here ???

  • Title : Will we see Serena Williams how we know here ???
Date: 12 Feb 2021  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 1.85  |  
Author: UltraMati  |   Category: Tennis  |   Value: 8/10


A year ago, Anastasia Potapova and Serena Williams faced each other at the Australian Open. At that time it was the opening match for both women, in which the American gave the Russian a lesson with a clear 2-0 win.


Serena Williams, who won her first Grand Slam two years before the birth of Anastasia Potapova and is still hungry for more titles, only played three games.

The 23-time Grand Slam winner goes into the third round as the clear favorite against number 101 in the world. In the run-up to the encounter between Anastasia Potapova and Serena Williams, the odds are clearly in the direction of the American.

It can be stated, however, that the young Russian has been able to sell dearly so far. Already in the first round Potapova demystified a strong opponent from the seeding list with Alison Riske in an impressive manner with 2: 0 (6: 2 and 6: 1). Accordingly, she hopes to be able to make it a little harder for the favorite at their second meeting.

But because the American has not let anything go wrong so far, we think it is far more likely that she will again make short work of the young Russian. We therefore recommend that Anastasia Potapova against Serena Williams tip that a maximum of 18 games will be played.

Prediction Match under 18.5 games
Odds 1.85
Start Time 01:00 : 12-Feb-21
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